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 The Radio is Back on =SA= :)

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PostSubject: The Radio is Back on =SA= :)   Sat 10 Sep - 15:36

Hey people, what's up! glol...

yes, the radio will be on air this Sunday 11 of September at the 09:15 UTC 10:15 CST (see this board and search your location to see the hour in your time zone Very Happy) very early for me :p... anyway...

so, I have two changes with the radio, the first one is the duration of the transmission, will be lesser than in past times, one and half hour (sorry folks!).

The another change is the name of the radio, yeah, from now I'll change the namo to "Epic Radio".... glol!!... just kidding. "Rage Radio" will be the new name of this little but funny project for clanmates and "strangers".

and yeah, I have a new microphone, so, you will listen my voice very clear during the transmission.

oh yeah, one more thing, I'll record the transmission and make podcast from it, I'll upload them to omploader.org Smile.

for more information, please visit the page in my blog http://sweet.encyclomundi.org/?q=rr

=SA= Rulez Smile[u]

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PostSubject: Re: The Radio is Back on =SA= :)   Sat 10 Sep - 17:35

Smile Good things are happening a lot and hopefully will change the clan for the better Very Happy Thx for the radio and good idea about podcasts Smile

P.S Thinking of Making clan meets into podcasts for members who didn't attend the meet. Converting irc logs to podcast by sweet voice (zweet) Very Happy Commentary Razz


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PostSubject: Re: The Radio is Back on =SA= :)   Sat 10 Sep - 18:08

Ups, the hour is 9:15 CST and not 9:30 CST :p

yeah, I can comet, but, you have to bring the important points of the meet aka delete all garbage lines on it Smile aka make it easy to me, glol!.
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PostSubject: Re: The Radio is Back on =SA= :)   

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The Radio is Back on =SA= :)
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