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 =SA= Vs =MyS=

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PostSubject: =SA= Vs =MyS=   Sun 14 Aug - 0:36

Mr.OpTic & Waffles

Jason & Chris

Their pick:

Our pick:

We new going into the match that these 2 players are some of the best players AC has to offer at the moment. It was more of a match to see how we compare against the best, rather than a match to win.

In hindsight, we did reasonably well. It was 3 in the morning for me and was consistantly around 70 fps. In all honesty our teamwork was fine, the issue was simply us being over powered. Their accuracy was far greater than ours, which lead to them basically owning the maps. There was some serious nade spam in both games, causing us to be dragged back into our spawn alot.

Overall, it was a good game. Jason, former legacy, is a trial member for =MyS=, im sure he will be a great addition to their team.

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=SA= Vs =MyS=
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