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 Brazil Championship.

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PostSubject: Brazil Championship.   Thu 30 Jun - 13:37

Assault Cube Brasil Championship

for sign yor clan -> http://fbac.enjin.com/forum/m/1991889/v ... age/1#last


Sign up:
- July 1, 2011
Sign closed:
- July 15, 2011
Draw Groups:
- July 22, 2009
First game of the week:
- July 23, 2011
- By the end of August


The maximum will be 16 teams. The teams must be composed of three players, but it is recommended to have a reserve player for in case of withdrawal or problems in your computer it is replaced quickly, so no loss of time during the match resultado.Cada affecting the clan before signing their teams must be vigilant if they want to or not to enter a maximum of 2 teams.


There is ABC's clan and he wants two teams enter, just send the registration to the forum so ...

Nick: xxxxxxx

Status: Leader

Clan: ABC

Line-up "A"
- (Owner) (captain)
- (Owner)
- (Owner)
- (Reserve)

Line-up "B"
- (Owner) (captain)
- (Owner)
- (Owner)
- (Reserve)

to play in the league, you only need to see the tag (which defines the brand name of the clan) together with [A] or there are no problems in the division teams.

Schedule of Matches
Each team has one match per week, this game will be organized and scheduled by the clans to confront IRAM, for convenience we recommend that you set for the weekends.

Clashes and protests marking
Both will be made in the forum of "Assault Cube Brazil" and will be supervised by a moderator who will act as a judge if you think need to cancel games.

Starting modes

Will occur as follows: first round CTF, TDM second round tie in the third round will TOSOK. NOTE: Should I mention that only to be used in official matches the maps.

If a team does not appear on the date of departure (which is in accordance with the agreements, both on time and in the default date) will result in a penalty and a new date to be determined. After two penalties the team will be expelled from the competition.

Demos and Screenshots

They define who won the match or not, since the message is taken after the end of the game.

NOTE: the game will be rescheduled when there is not demo or screenshot

it was at first just for Brazilians but there are only 3 brazilian clans, so that wouldn't have been enough for the league. [ uRs , By3 and OveR ]

Sorry for my engls.
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Brazil Championship.
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