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 =SA= Official Clan Rules

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PostSubject: =SA= Official Clan Rules   Mon 25 Oct - 4:49

The Sniper Alliance strives to be a friendly and respected clan.  To achieve this, all =SA= members are expected to demonstrate strong self-discipline and abide to the following set of rules:


  •    Cheat or hack
  •    Show poor etiquette and sportsmanship in the game:
           -Name-call or insult
           -Tag abuse or impersonate others
           -Administrator abuse
           -Perpetually camp
           -Teabag, shoot at corpses
           -Give admin to someone who is not trusted
           -Rage quit
  •    Use bad or disrespectful language in public (in game, IRC, forums)
  •    Discriminate:
           -Racist remarks
           -Sexist remarks
           -Homophobic remarks
  •    Be in another clan or apply to another clan, while in =SA=
  •    Leak the clan’s private information

It is a MUST to :  

  •    Be active and participate in the clan forums and IRC Channel (minimum one visit per week)
          Note: a simple login/logout won't count if you don't bother reading/posting.
  •    Adhere to these rules, whether playing with the =SA= tag or under an alias
  •    Represent the Sniper Alliance with pride
  •    Use common-sense!

As a =SA= clan member, following the above clan rules is critical in ensuring that =SA=’s reputation is maintained, that all co-exists peacefully, and that we all have fun!

Failure to follow the above rules may lead to dismissal from the clan.

Note: Rules are subjected to changes after every clan meeting.

Last updated:  February 5, 2014

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=SA= Official Clan Rules
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