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 Clan's Voice chat Guide/Setup

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PostSubject: Clan's Voice chat Guide/Setup   Sun 23 Jan - 3:06

=SA= Clan uses Woop's public Mumble Server for voice chats.

1). Download Mumble Client at Download Mumble
2). After installing, run the client.
3). (Menu) Server>Connect>Favorite
4). Add New Button.
5). Enter the following details:

Server Name: SA
Address: athena.mumble-serveur.com
Port: 13501
Username: [Your name]
Password(It will be asked while connecting 1st time only) : e92ds6gs

6). Press ok and connect to this Server in mumble. use any public channels.

Good luck and have fun in team play alien

Below is a html code to view server's channels:

<script type="text/javascript">
var ouvert = 1;
var style = "headset";
var couleur_fond = "FFFFFF";
var couleur_texte = "666666";
var largeur = 390;
var hauteur = 350;
var id_compte = "8547";
var lang = "en";
var taille_police = 12;
var voir_salons = 1;
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mumble-serveur.com/web_script/webscript_mumble.js"></script>


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Clan's Voice chat Guide/Setup
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