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 Hello :D

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Messages : 445
Age : 22

PostSubject: Hello :D   Wed 14 Jan - 9:06

Heya, It's been a while, I hope you guys are doing well in real life, just wanted to say hello If you ever see this  lol!

I miss the good old time with you, Comet RCJD Gonna :O Capone Printy and Furios Very Happy (And everyone else ofc)

See you soon Smile
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=SA= Friend

Messages : 398
Age : 18

PostSubject: Re: Hello :D   Sun 18 Jan - 9:26

Heey guys, although this clan seems "a bit" Wink inactive at the moment I'm looking forward to the day we'll finally meet again on the battlefield.

I'm sure you are all doing well irl.
I also miss the good old times. Sad

<3 to all

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@l <@P0n3
Resigned =SA= Founding Member | =SA= Friend

Messages : 1561

PostSubject: Re: Hello :D   Tue 20 Jan - 19:06

I'm still around from time to time..
Hope everything's fine for all Smile
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Messages : 445
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: Hello :D   Wed 4 Feb - 2:49

Everything is fine, i'm playing AC times to times and I used to play a lot of csgo last year

About my IRL i'm still studying
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PostSubject: Re: Hello :D   

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Hello :D
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