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PostSubject: =SA=WalkerGr   Wed 4 Jun - 7:09

Member since: 9-Jan-2011 | Resigned: 9-Mar-2012 | Re-joined: 3-Jun-2014

Real Name: Lefteris
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Location: Greece,Rhodes 85100
Job: Student

Favourite weapon(s): sniper rifle
Favourite map(s): desert
Favourite thing about AssaultCube: Great Community
AssaultCube pet peeve: bloody nade

Hobbies: Lifting at the gym!Very Happy
Favourite Movies: LOTR and the hobbit
Favourite Books: --
Favourite Food and drinks: souvlaki,coca cola,malibu,pizza
Favourite quote: what?

Contact: Lefteris Kleoudis, skype: WalkerGr, teamspeak 3 (=SA= server)

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