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PostSubject: About =SA=   Thu 13 Feb - 19:37

Our IRC:
--- #=SA= on GameSurge
Our Twitter:
--- @SA_Clan https://twitter.com/#!/SA_Clan
Our AssaultCube Wiki Page:
--- http://wiki.cubers.net/action/view/The_Sniper_Alliance

*   *   *

About =SA=:

The Sniper Alliance clan was founded on 14th February 2010. Wafflepwn was the sole founder of the clan. The “T$A|" was commissioned as the clan’s official tag by the founder. The clan recruited and stated Erv, Mr_Comet, Macm and Nukpwr as Admins to assist Wafflepwn in managing the clan.

During a mishap between the T$A| and T$R| clans, upon requests to change our conflicting tag IDs to avoid any further confusions, the clan agreed to change our tag to “=SA=” immediately.

A little later, Capone joined the family. While the clan was approaching its first anniversary celebrations; Wafflepwn decided to resign from the clan for personal reasons. Hence an emergency clan meeting was scheduled to decide the clan’s fate. The Admins decided to run the clan with the same leadership system that Wafflepwn founded. Hence by unanimous decision by the Admins, Mr_Comet was elected to be the leader of the clan. At the same meeting, the FMs decided to promote Capone to mod to thank him for his dedication. Capone was, at that time, building a backup website for the clan. A website which became the main website (the day EvilErv's formerly used website went down) granting another promotion to Capone, admin.

Mr_Comet stepped down from the leadership position after completing 2 terms in favor of Senate system to lessen the leader’s burden and to make the clan autonomous without any delays in progress. Hence the new ranks were updated. Founding Members, Admins, Mods and Rookies were instated. Founding Members were the original Admins. The other ranks were achievable by all new members through dedication and recognition by their contribution to the clan.

=RM= Clan which was specialized in mapping was accepted by the =SA= Clan to migrate into one. With the new alliance with =RM= mapping clan, =SA= was getting unprecedented progress in mapping. Mapping and scripting crews were created.

A core value of =SA= has always been to respect the real life duties its members may face. During summer, the clan was considered lethargic due to seasonal holidays and exam periods.

A clan ordinance was executed to form a new division in the clan who plays a lot and play better in terms of skill. Elites Division “{e}" was formed. Unfortunately the ordinance went into the =SA= Clan’s history as one of the worst mistakes which divided the clan and crippled by power struggle and competitiveness among them. This unexpected events made some members and even some former FMs leave the clan. Capone, the only "old" member who had stayed got promoted to FM. Hence the clan decided to abolish the {e} division and to form every member under one.

Once the Clan almost revived its former strength; a new long term plan was initiated by both Mr_Comet and Capone in forming the next generation of core members to run the clan. They both wanted the core principles be held strongly by core members to keep the clan running as long as possible. The "new core member"'s batch got created. Anyone who was willing to dedicate enough time and energy for the clan could become part of this new core member's batch. The first four to be enlisted in this group were ThePrinter, RCJD, Furios and Bl@storious. They all did some great work and helped the clan greatly with their dedication by improving organization, skill, teamwork, unity etc.
It leaded the clan to the decision of running the clan in a Senate environment without ego, power struggle and misunderstandings. The "Senate" rank got created and ThePrinter & RCJD got promoted. Sadly, some real life duties made these members quite inactive. Currently, Mr_Comet and Capone are the only FMs and Senate, but most clan decisions are made democratically by the entire clan.

The clan has just celebrated its fourth birthday... So, we're still there and proud to be there. All this was possible due to careful selection of applicants who are dedicated to put the clan first before themselves to foster unity and strength among us for the better future ahead.

*   *   *

If you see a tag abuser or an impostor of a =SA= member, please report the offender by registering an account in this forum here and leave a report, and/or make a report in the AssaultCube Forum.

If you would like to make a complaint about a =SA= member's behavior, please do so in the forum here as well in the Complaints section.

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About =SA=
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