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 =SA= Groups and Ranks

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PostSubject: =SA= Groups and Ranks   Thu 6 Feb - 6:26

=SA= Member - A proud member of The Sniper Alliance Clan

=SA= Founding Member
- A founding member of The Sniper Alliance Clan, from its humble beginnings in 2010.

=SA= Senate - A long-time =SA= member who has unwavering commitment and loyalty to =SA=.  Senates are mature leaders who represent the clan and can be relied on by all members.  Senates have full forum moderation.  New Senates are appointed by the existing Senates, but must also have the entire clan's approval.

=SA= Member on Leave - Indicates a =SA= member who is on an excused, long-term absence.  He or she is expected to return to the clan at the time indicated in his or her absence notification to the clan.

=SA= Janitor
- A special title for special members who request it.

=SA= Admin
- A =SA= member who has administrator privileges on the forum.  An administrator can view all sections of the forum.  New admins are selected by the current admins.

FFA [#x] Winner
- The winner of the indicated =SA= Free-For-All Tournament.

Visitor - A normal registered user of the forum.  Visitors can only view public sections of the forum.

=SA= Retired Member - An honored past =SA= Member who has left the AssaultCube game and community, with =SA= as his or her last clan.  In addition, this title often requires the resigned member to have been active with =SA= for at least 5 months.

Resigned =SA= Founding Member or Senate

=SA= Friend - A person who is active in the AssaultCube game and/or community and still keeps close relations with current =SA= members.  =SA= Friends are often past =SA= members.

=SA= Legend - A past =SA= Member who has shaped the clan and was a prominent member.  This highest honorary title for past members is only given to those who have left the AssaultCube game and community.  A =SA= Legend does not necessarily need to retire from =SA= (leave AC with =SA= as his or her last clan) to qualify.

M.I.A. =SA= Member - A =SA= member who is missing in action.  The member has not been active for over 30 days without any excused absence.  Becoming M.I.A. results in the loss of one's membership with =SA=, meaning they need to reapply if they return.

- An applicant of =SA=.

Applicant on Trial - A trial member of =SA=.

Banned - A user who is banned from accessing and using the forum.

Note: Groups and Ranks are subjected to changes after every clan meeting.

Last updated:  February 5, 2014
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=SA= Groups and Ranks
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