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 =SA= vs. BoB

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Age : 23

PostSubject: =SA= vs. BoB   Sat 6 Apr - 3:41

Our Vote

Their Vote


Good Game Razz
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Messages : 1750
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. BoB   Sat 6 Apr - 4:59

Super nice guys!

Great opponents and great results. Sad you guys couldnt decide the D3 in your advantage! GG!
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=SA= Friend

Messages : 398
Age : 18

PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. BoB   Sat 6 Apr - 8:53

Yeah you are right Printer, actually we had to won this d3 match.
Strong opponents - indeed but it doesn't mean that we have no chance against BoB.
They are certainly very strong but =SA= is also getting better constantly.
I have to say I'm really bored of all those damn and close matches.
But the main problem was/is : Raging and the panic we (but 90% Kawasaki Very Happy <3) get/got after we lost some flags. We have to change this attitude.
Gothic was fine. D3 was unlucky and Shine was just stupid from me. Lol

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=SA= Member

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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. BoB   Sat 6 Apr - 17:54


we're getting better Very Happy GO =SA= GO



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=SA= Friend

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Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. BoB   Sat 6 Apr - 19:44

So close on D3 Sad

Good job mates
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@l <@P0n3
Resigned =SA= Founding Member | =SA= Friend

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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. BoB   Sat 6 Apr - 20:59

Nice games! Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. BoB   

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=SA= vs. BoB
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