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 Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}

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PostSubject: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 10:58

Kawasaki messaged a bunch of IRC channels asking for an admin on UK 7, so, deciding to see what was going on, I obliged (under alias of course), joining the server as admin.
I enter the server and see Kawasaki and another player (iblis), both wearing some AC| tag, playing against 2 people unknown to me - one had already left, the other was named Cyx.
Kawasaki immediately asks me to get the IP of Cyx, and when I ask why, Kawa claims that Cyx is wallhacking.

Now, before I jump to conclusions, I try to see for myself if there is proof before doing something that could potentially blacklist a possible innocent AC player.
So I decide to spectate Cyx, but before I could get an IP (just in case), he disconnects.
Fine, not a huge deal.
Next thing I know, I start getting yelled at by Kawasaki and his friend (whose ip I did check while being yelled at, a German one - didn't seem like any of the =SA= apps, who is this Kawasaki? EDIT: Nevermind, a source told me AC|iblis is Sheriff), with Kawasaki telling me how I didn't do my job by not getting IP and Sheriff telling me that I don't deserve to have admin on the UK servers.
Don't believe me? Screenshots provided below:
SS #1: Very nice attitude, Sheriff:

SS #2: Condescension is not appreciated, Kawasaki:

Now, some of you may think I'm simply overreacting in response to that 2nd SS, which is fine. I leave the server, tired of the slander, but come back a few minutes later to figure out who iblis is (I didn't know at the time).
Before I could ask iblis, he leaves, so I ask Kawasaki. This is what I get in response.
SS #3: Giving =SA= a good reputation, Kawasaki:

=SA=, I suggest you look into this sort of behavior before it could escalate further. =SA= has the reputation of being a clan with well-respected, NICE, people, and I would hate to see that reputation be tarnished by the actions of one individual. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 11:01

2 more things:
1. Since Kawasaki seems a bit ignorant on the topic, an admin can only find IPs, not identities of players. Therefore, I checked iblis/Sheriff's IP, and got a German one, which doesn't help because there are MANY German players in AC.
2. You may cry about how you dislike trolling (see that CM vs CoE), but being a prick is just as bad in my book. So I had no choice but to kick you.

Thanks for your time, =SA=.
Always looking out for ya,

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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 12:15

Nice to call it "pathetic...." after not even saying the real story. Your story is simply lying in my eyes.
We never crossed our ways, sad that it happens now like that. That you have to make a officially post
in the forum here, after a simple and stupid disagrement/dispute with us, is even more pathetic in my eyes Smile


I dont want to say to much, just two things:

1. Im the one, who played with the name Iblis today.

2. It is just my opinion Smile : I think, that you didnt deserved admin there because you acted unfriendly from the first moment against us, arent even playing active ac, never saw you before on a uk.mys server and some other things...

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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 12:27

Kawasaki and I resolved the issue (Sorry for the waste of time, =SA=).
I apologize for not getting the cheater's IP, again, it was not out of "unfriendliness towards you," I was just hesitant, since I wanted to make sure that there was proof before going further. I also apologize to Kawasaki for having to kick him, I didn't wish to but at the time I had no choice. Just be careful next time, you sorta went at me without even knowing who I was (for all you know I could've done something worse than what I did do), there is a limit to how much you can simply "show your opinion," that's all man. Smile

As for you, Sheriff, I have nothing much to say to you, other than that in hindsight I was more ticked off by your comments than Kawasaki's, and that still those SS's don't give you the right to act as immaturely as you did.

All right, that's pretty much it.
Sorry for wasting your time, friends at =SA=.

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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 12:56

I dont see the immature in my acting :? I just said one sentence, where i told you, that you didnt deserved to have admin on this server in my eyes. Maybe im wrong then but calling it pathetic and immature? Very Happy

Its my opinon because Kawasaki asked you nice in irc before to get the ip. He is a trustfully and well known player in the game, so why you played "games" with us first instead of taking the ip? (asking who i am but dont say who you are and starting a stupid discussion.) And because you are not playing on this server at all, so why you need admin there?

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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 13:02

And just btw, in my eyes you are the one, who acted immature. Kicking Kawaski (admin abuse), just because he said something, what you didnt like, instead of going the mature way and talk about it. And making here a official post about this little stupid happening and chalk up Kawaski by his clanmates...
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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 13:18


You're maybe the reason why he will never be banned, because Jason dont care about his server.
I guess he will never search the full IP.

The only think which makes me feel sad is, you have =SA= Friends status in our Forum.
You could pm me because of this problem. You include my clan in this bullshit (sorry but this made me very angry I cant even sleep without awnsering this). Sheriff isn't even in =SA= I dont know why you're snitching him over here,
Sheriff is old enough to know what hes doing, you should respect him and think about why hes acting like that.

I'm 1000% sure you dont even know how it feels to play against a wallhacker and get almost raped all the time.
I came to IRC to get help from somebody whos ready to help, as I tould you you should get his IP and save it untill
I give you the demo (which I doesn't have to, because if he's not hacking he wont get BL anyways) thats why I call
all of this Bullshit.

Demo 1 http://www.mediafire.com/?z40nthgpuo55bt7
Demo 2 http://www.mediafire.com/?589yy5t2xytfs5j

I was angry I'm angry and I'll be angry for ever there is no reason for me to be a friend of you anymore,
you act arogant and feel like the king with your admin (yes wow you're so nice you have the power be my lord pls)

If you want to see the full story, Demos (nice to see how you feel secure in the Teamchat)

Dont cross my way ever again you bitch.

Excuse me Bro's I never want to make =SA= stay bad infront of the community but I feel that what I wrote
I'm 100% honest and I'll respect and accept every punishment but this idiot just made me rage.
F**k my english and F**k you flamez. Mad

Ps: I just pay attation to this because of respect against my clan and my bro's
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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 17:53

Calling someone a bitch in public isnt that mature but on the other hand: a practised admin would have taken all ips until he finds the truth out.

Ill view the demos later today. I personally feel this will end in a personally fight between shadz and Kawas and in that case we (=SA=) will view it from aside until its 100% clear that one speaks the truth.
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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Thu 21 Mar - 20:05

What on earth?

Why cant you guys solve this out yourselves... you are both mature gentlemen,
not cherubs

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=SA= Member

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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   Fri 22 Mar - 2:21

Whats happened has happened... let's not fuss about it now. All of you have spoken from respective perspectives. Any further concerns ==> deal with those privately.

This thread will close if this discussion continues on publicly in this negative fashion Like a Star @ heaven


*RCJD returns to vacationing*



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PostSubject: Re: Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}   

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Rather pathetic behavior {SOLVED}
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