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 =SA= vs. {BoB}

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PostSubject: =SA= vs. {BoB}   Wed 12 Dec - 0:40

Our vote

Their Vote

Queen= Kawasaki
TheBoB= Mise

Very nice games !
It was 4 am for RCJD so he was very tired and it was to late to talk on teamspeak with me
he had to use his binds but I ignored them manytimes and made mistakes on des3.
Gothic was just beautiful, they just sneaked a couple of flags.
Mise stoped the game 2 times which seriously annoyed me so I raged couple times
sry for that, you know I still love you RCJD :** I love you
Anyways Good Game ! santa
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=SA= Member

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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. {BoB}   Wed 12 Dec - 0:52

Kawasaki, you were a beast in Gothic Twisted Evil

It was 4 am for me, but because I woke up early! So actually, I think I play best after waking up, not before I go to sleep. I'd say I was pretty happy with the match conditions.. my mouse didn't go goofy and jump around.. my ping was fine for most parts (one spike)... my bullets didn't seem to drop at all.

But still, could not speak in TS much due to sleeping family :/

However, you were extra aware of surroundings and your pointers over TS were extremely useful for me! I made some noob decisions in Des3 though Embarassed

GG, hope to play again



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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. {BoB}   Wed 12 Dec - 4:43

Nice gothic <3

Nice games Very Happy Keep it up guys Very Happy
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@l <@P0n3
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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. {BoB}   Wed 12 Dec - 5:25

Very nice Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. {BoB}   Wed 12 Dec - 5:42

Woaw Gothic Very Happy

GG !
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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. {BoB}   

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=SA= vs. {BoB}
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