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 =SA= vs. .rC

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PostSubject: =SA= vs. .rC   Mon 10 Dec - 4:02

Our vote

Their vote

Good Games Razz
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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. .rC   Mon 10 Dec - 4:12

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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. .rC   Mon 10 Dec - 8:37


First defeat on Gothic Razz

I also immediatly restarted a personal trainingsprogram, I have some more time now and I want to improve even more. Against Vanquish I just notice Im not good enough and I started to notice I'm getting to predictable, I need to rework some tactics! I think you guys won't find me much in the publics with my Nick. I'll work on privat servers on tactics and in publicservers(aliased) on how they work vs realplayers.

Still good job Kawasaki! Next time we will get them!
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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. .rC   Mon 10 Dec - 11:44

First one came closeeee!



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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. .rC   Mon 10 Dec - 11:49

What hacks is this on gothic o_O
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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs. .rC   

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=SA= vs. .rC
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