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 =SA= vs .:HsOs

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PostSubject: =SA= vs .:HsOs   Sat 17 Nov - 7:50

Our vote

Their vote

Some informations about the match:
I cant wear my own name on that server because their Whitelist isn't uploaded jet.
So sorry Comet I picked you.

They realy thoughed that we're hacking and using the Spectators to know where they are.
Stupid but heay, and they want to report us as Hacker.
So I want to Upload my Demos so everyone can see if its true or not.

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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs .:HsOs   Sat 17 Nov - 8:18

yeah the toxic was played first!

We ruled in that, they felt not good. So we sent away all those benched people and started the second match. They said Kawas was hacking because he always knew where they were. The last part was true, on a small map like Gothic communication is important and since Kawas and I get better TW everytime we play: we had awesome communication. We were always awear (is that a word) of the enemy's and their locations
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=SA= Member

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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs .:HsOs   Sat 17 Nov - 16:25

I was wondering how =SA=Comet had
a) good ping!
b) 12 flags, 72 frags, 29 deaths!? (no offense my veryyy dear comet (: )

We should get that whitelist updated..!



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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs .:HsOs   Sat 17 Nov - 19:12

Comet so strong Very Happy Nice kawasaki (Did I play agains t you yesterday with furios & cherokee btw ?)

I know how them I can tell them that you don't hack ^^ I thini that they were just raging no ?

@Printy I think that it is aware or awake Smile
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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs .:HsOs   Sun 18 Nov - 1:50

I tould them to update their Whitelist,
I don't know if they will add me in anymore. Crying or Very sad

btw. they don't allow our friends to spectate us,
nobody can't do anything against that sensless shit
because they act like kings on their server.
That made me little bit angry so thats why we played that hard.
no mercy Evil or Very Mad

And yes Million we played together Smile
If you see Cherokee in a match and his mate is playing with the
SMG you can be sure that this mate must be me Razz
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@l <@P0n3
Resigned =SA= Founding Member | =SA= Friend

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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs .:HsOs   Tue 20 Nov - 11:29

EDIT: Aw, Comet didn't play. Well GGs Kawasaki & ThePrinter!!
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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs .:HsOs   Wed 21 Nov - 6:23

WTF When i did become more awesome than i am now???????? Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz


You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I can do those things because I'm not a hero, not like Dent. I killed those people. That's what I can be. - Batman
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PostSubject: Re: =SA= vs .:HsOs   

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=SA= vs .:HsOs
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